If you would like to expand your potential clients list while selling or renting your property and acquire more Russian and international clients we would be glad to help you.

Just think about it that the most real estate advertisements in Austria are published in German, all the location plans, other important details concerning the real estate objects are given in German as well, which creates for some clients without German or English knowledges certain complications to get the full access to this information. Without professional interpreting assistance much could result in confusion and misunderstanding in communication and during critical negotiations.

We would like the international clients to take into consideration the fact that the buying, selling and renting of property in Austria are strictly legally adjusted. As the real estate deals require some big investments it could be the real help and benefit  for you to get the preliminary professional consultation concerning some legal provisions and regulations as well as the details of the specific transaction. Do not rely so much on your friends’ advice as they do not carry any responsibility for the provided information that may be incorrect or already out of date. The professional advice in your language will help you to avoid any possible problems and unpleasant surprises, to be warned means to be forearmed.

You should also be aware that it’s not always reality when the advertised property is referred to as an investment property. To obtain more information about it and some other details that would be prudent to seek for professional realtor assistance.

We would also be happy to take care of  the financial arrangements required for your property!