2000 Stockerau

                                                                                             Industrial plot of land for sale in Stockerau North

We are delighted to present You this attractive investment opportunity – a large site of 10124 sq. m. which suits just great for the industrial construction, located in the very well known and popular commercial district Stockerau North on the main international A22 road (direction Prague). Just across the small road from the main entrance of the plot there is a plenty of construction stores and suppliers of raw materials, which provides a good possibility to significantly reduce the costs of construction works.   

The other main benefit presented is the local rail way, situated only a couple of meters from the plot.
Area: 10 124 sq. m

Location: only 30 km far from Vienna, in the industrial area Stockerau (province Lower Austria), near highway A22 

Price: 227 euro/sqm

Configuration: basically rectangular (only one side is slightly curved)

Detailed info: empty unbuilt site, flat (one side toward to the high way is a little bit sloped), rare vegetation, just some meters from the local rail way.

Obligations: there is no obligation for the new owner to develop the plot, it can be kept as it is at the moment for unlimited period of time. In case of implementing any construction works it is necessary to comply with the general municipality construction instructions:  3m distance on the sides and 5m distance in front, as well as the general distance to high way should be kept.       

Current Purpose of Use: the plot offered for sale is suitable for industrial or commercial purposes – logistics centre, stores, industrial facilities, etc. The allowed overall height of buildings: Building class II (min.: 4,5m - max. 12m) and Building class III (min.: 10m - max.: 16m)

Direction: the main entrance is located in the north-west.
Utilities: opportunities for gas and water connection, electricity, canalization are available. 

Special advantages: Excellent location in a very successful industrial & commercial area Stockerau, only 20-30 min. drive from Vienna! Many construction shops and suppliers in the proximity of the site could reduce the building costs. Best place for international cargo shipments, vast storage facilities. Rare opportunity for delivery of necessary building materials and/or commercial products by the local rail way directly to the site! Large size of the plot provides not only the best opportunities for construction and setting up any kinds of businesses for instance production, goods marketing, etc., but also gives additional possibilities to use it as a storage facility or a parking lot. You can benefit from any single advantage or combine them all together.

Please, be awared that no additional costs of property ownership exist, except of very reasonable annual state tax for land, no management or maintenance charges.

More information in Net:
You can find more details on the official website of municipality Stockerau: www.stockerau.at